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We began this project with a complete gut renovation of this 2500 square foot  duplex in the West village of New York.

We decided to bring the Hamptons to New Jersey. We designed this 6000 square foot home in Short Hills NJ from the ground up.

It's all about the view! This 2500 square foot apartment sits eye level with one of New York City's gems,

The main goal for this project was to highlight the clients colorful collection of art.....

A modern house in the middle of the woods, We wanted to to bring the outside in when we approached the design for this project.

For this project, whimsy was the goal. Combining modern elements and playfullness, Santiago Tomás created a hip space above 5th ave. 

Park Avenue elegance was this inspiration for this project. In an old pre-war building over looking Park Avenue....

We combined two apartments  in this project to created the feeling of a contemporary loft space. 

Mid-Centry design with custom pieces was the inspiration behind this design. 

For this project we designed cottages for the client’s family. Each member of the family having their own cottage on the beach.

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